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Test Information

OET 2.0

A new version of OET, *OET 2.0*, has been unveiled from September 9, 2018. When compared to the earlier version, in the new version, the *Writing and the Speaking subtests have no changes *although the contexts may diversify, whereas the Reading and the Listening subtests have undergone significant changes.

In-depth analysis of the changes:

Reading Section 1 / Part A:
Time 20 mins
Bottomline: Reading Part A has become easier and carries higher score!

Reading section 2:
Time: 45 mins
Bottomline: Difficultly level has slightly increased, but the weightage has considerably decreased. Understand the questions carefully.

Listening Section 1 / Part A:
Bottomline: Listening Part A has become easier, and carries more score now, but you need to get acquainted with different accents !

Listening Section 2:
Bottomline: The difficulty level indeed remains the same, but most people struggle in dealing with MCQ's, so you need to learn how to crack them.!

Also, now the score is given not only in terms of grades A to E, but in terms of marks 0 to 500. The table below depicts the equation

An important note for doctors is that, for you to be eligible for PLAB 1, it may not be enough to secure Grade B in all modules, but you may have to secure 400/500 marks, whereas for nurses Grade B and 350/500 marks could be sufficient.

In Listening and Reading, 35 out of 42 corrects will undoubtedly get you Grade B& 400 marks, although, depending on the difficulty level, you may get this score even for 32 correct answers.